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CPS is devoted to the structural and functional characterization of proteases, proteases inhibitors and citolysins mainly from marine invertebrates and microorganisms and the use of liposomes as immunoadyuvants. CPS has also the responsibility for a MSc Degree in Biochemestry and sponsors a PhD Program in Molecular Biosciences in close collaboration with the Biochemestry Department.

Research profile

A major research priority at CPS has been the search for novel protease inhibitors (PI) from marine organims, such as sea anemone, with therapeutical potential to counteract parasitic proteases (plasmepsin, falcipain), cancer proteases (cathepsins) and HIV protease. Structure-function studies of PI and cloning and expression of proteases and inhibitors have been carried out. Protein engineering and modeling of PI, proteases and their complexes are also under development. In the field of pore-forming proteins, we have concentrated our efforts on structure-function studies, particularly on protein-membrane interactions and the use of native and genetically modified cytolysins for the construction of immunotoxins againts undesirable cells. The potential of cytolysins as immunoadyuvants in liposomes has also been explored. Another important research area is the use of liposomes as immunoadyuvants for low antigenic biomolecules.

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Dra. Aymara Cabrera Muñoz
Head of CEP

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Centro de Estudios de Proteínas
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Universidad de La Habana
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